Family Visit: Alan Wright

On Monday 6th June 2016,  I visited Alan Wright with my grandmother. He is my 2nd cousin twice removed and my grandmother’s 2nd cousin.

He has lived in Burton Pidsea all of his life, which began in 1943, so he knows a lot about the family that lived there, as well as Burton Pidsea itself. Alan, his wife, my grandmother and I started discussing various family members, including ones that they had both met and ones that neither of them had met, but just heard stories of. We also discussed family members of older generations who were at the time of this post, still with us such as John, June and Phyllis. These are actually all my great grandfather’s cousins, with John being the oldest. Since I first published this post, John sadly passed away at the age of 88 years old.

In between talking, I showed Alan various things about the family that I had found on the internet and which I had collected on my laptop. This triggered more conversation and more stories.

The carrier Rully.jpg
The Wright’s Carrier Cart.

Alan was telling me that it took my 3x great grandfather, Thomas Wright, 5 hours to travel to Hull from Burton Pidsea. This was because, at the time, he was driving a horse-drawn cart. He was a market carrier.

Alan also told me that the younger generation of Wrights only ever took over the business after the older generation had passed away and they didn’t really work for their fathers whilst they were still actively working.

I had printed some photographs out for Alan a few months before, so I gave them to him. Alan and his wife had bought me a DVD that the Burton Pidsea church has for sale. The DVD included many photographs of Burton Pidsea throughout the years, as well as a few Wrights. I was very grateful for this and I now have a DVD full of Burton Pidsea photographs to add to my family history collection.

I brought my scanner along with me too, as Alan had some photographs that I wanted to add to my collection. He had various photographs of my 3x great grandfather, Thomas Wright, as well as other relatives such as my 2x great grandmother’s brothers, and their families.

Charles Henry Wright, Thomas Wright and Thomas Wright

All in all, I really enjoyed this afternoon visit and I learnt lots more about my family. I found it very helpful and interesting.

Thanks for reading,

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