Research: Thomas Wright

My 3x great grandfather, Thomas Wright was born on 12th June 1851 in Thirtleby, East Yorkshire. Thomas was baptised on 21st September 1851 in Swine, East Yorkshire. The record states that James and Mary Wright (nee Walker) were the parents of Thomas.

Thomas Wright Isabella Thompson Wedding.png
Marriage Banns of Thomas Wright and Isabella Thompson.

I found the marriage record of Thomas Wright and Isabella Thompson. It states that they married on 10th October 1877 in Waghen (which is now known as Wawne), East Yorkshire. It also states that James Wright was the father of Thomas. This links the marriage record with the baptism I mentioned earlier in the post.

Zoom_Marriage record of Isabella Thomson and Thomas Wright
Marriage of Thomas and Isabella

Thomas was a Carrier, as shown in Census records, as well as the marriage record above. A Carrier was a driver of a vehicle, usually in the context of a horse-drawn vehicle that would transport goods. In the Bulmer’s Directory of 1892, Thomas (Tho.) Wright is recorded as being a carrier to Hull on Tuesdays and Fridays. As a family, we know for certain that the Wrights were carriers, and they were often known as the “Carrier-Wrights”. The Wrights have in fact, only just come out of the trade, after all of those years.

According to my 2nd cousin twice removed, Thomas Wright moved to Burton Pidsea in order to take over the carrier business from his uncle. He also said that it took Thomas (his great-grandfather) about 5 hours to reach Hull from Burton Pidsea.

My great uncle told me that Thomas used to bring a large hamper of food for his only daughter Mary Ann, who lived in Hedon. He used to do this once a week and was probably when he was passing through Hedon, either to Hull or Burton Pidsea. Because Thomas was a Market carrier, he would have had access to food and other necessities on a regular basis.

I found that Thomas was in the Hull Daily Mail on 23rd June 1926. I stumbled across this when I subscribed to FindMyPast a while ago when they were offering a months subscription for only £1. I have included the passage below:

Thomas Wright Hull Daily Mail 23 June 1926

The photo below shows Thomas and Isabella at their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 10th October 1837.

1937 Diamond Wedding Ann. of Thomas and Isabella

Thomas passed away about 1939 in Burton Pidsea, East Yorkshire, aged about 87. We are not certain of where Thomas is buried, but I have a strong feeling that he will be buried in the churchyard of St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church in Burton Pidsea. This is because his wife Isabella’s Interment took place there when she passed in 1947, aged 95.

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