Research: Florence Avis Beacock (nee Smith)

My 2x great grandmother Florence Avis Beacock (nee Smith) was born in Hull, East Yorkshire in 1875.  She was baptised on 30th May 1875 in Hull with her parents being recorded as John and Ann Elizabeth Smith (nee Watson).

Florence married Frederick Beacock on 5th August 1895 in the parish of Newington in Hull. I found this marriage record of the couple, which states that Frederick was a Rullyman. Florence’s father, John Smith,  was a Joiner. At the time of their marriage, Florence’s place of residence was 23 Witty Street, Hull and Frederick’s was 3 Brunswick Avenue, Liverpool Street, Hull.

zoom_Frederick Beacock and Florence Avis Smith Marriage.jpg

From the information provided by the Electoral Registers from 1926 to 1931, it seems that there were two residences. Florence and Fred were living at 70 North Street in 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930. Then in 1931, the couple were recorded as living at 3 Clowes Mansions (or Buildings) on New George Street, Hull.

In 1932, Florence is stated as being a Waggonette Proprietress. Because her husband Frederick Beacock passed in 1932, this could mean that she either owned the business with him, or she took it over when he passed away.

Florence had an awful experience, in which she walked into her home and found her husband dead. He was leant over the gas cooker in their scullery. It was said that Frederick had committed suicide, but whether or not he did, this must have been terrifying for Florence.

In 1939 Florence was living at 1 Park Row, Park Street, Hull. At the age of 63, she has been recorded as being a Textile Worker. I assume Florence needed to earn some money to survive, since the death of her husband a few years before.

1Death of Florence Avis Beacock Hull Daily Mail 19 January 1940

Florence passed away suddenly on 16th January 1940 and I found an obituary in the Hull Daily Mail from 19th January 1940 which reads:

Florence was buried in the same plot as her husband, Frederick on 20th January 1940 in Western Cemetery, Hull. There is, unfortunately, no gravestone. Florence and her husband are two relatives that I would love a photograph of. They had gone through a lot in their lives and it would be nice to see their faces.

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