Research: John Beacock

My 5x great grandfather was John Beacock. He was born in the January of 1777 in Barnetby Le Moor, Lincolnshire to Robert and Ann Beacock (nee Robinson). He seems to be the oldest of 7 children.

John was baptised in Whitton, Lincolnshire on 23rd January 1777. The image below shows John’s baptism in the Whitton general register of 1777.

John Beacock Baptism Whitton GeneralRegister

On 30th October 1804, John Beacock married Sarah Carline in Winterton, Lincolnshire. The image below shows their marriage record. It shows that neither John or Sarah were able to write their own names because they each had to put a cross, in order to make their mark. This acted like a signature, but this was very common for the time they lived in. There seems to be a James Beacock who is present at the wedding. James was one of John’s younger brothers, who was born in 1786. It seems that he could write his own name, as he did not have to make a cross for his signature. It is interesting how the 9 years that separates the two brothers, made a difference in the education they received.

John Beacock and Sarah Carline Marriage

John was about 64 when the first Census of England & Wales was taken out in 1841. This is the only Census that he appears in, and is recorded as being an Agricultural Labourer. This was a very common occupation for a man in his time, especially in Lincolnshire.

John Beacock Barnetby Le Wold Burial.PNG

In 1847 John Beacock passed away and on 25th June of that year, he was buried in Barnetby Le Wold, Lincolnshire. I have no idea if there is a headstone for his grave.

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