Research: Robert Beacock

My 6x great grandfather Robert Beacock was born in 1738 in Winteringham, Lincolnshire to William and Anne Elizabeth Beacock (nee Markham). He was baptised on 14th May 1738 in Winteringham, Lincolnshire. The image below is a screen capture of the Winteringham General Register. It shows Robert’s baptism.

2General Register Winteringham - Baptism of Robert Beacock 1738.png
Robert Beacock married Ann Robinson on 13th May 1776 in Winterton, Lincolnshire. The image below shows the Marriage Banns record for the couple. Both Robert and Ann could not write their own name, so instead just made a mark, which acted as a signature.

Marriage of Robert Beacock and Ann Robinson in Whitton

The marriage seems to have been in presence of an Ann Beacock. Robert’s mother was called Anne Elizabeth Beacock but I believe that she had already died, about 20 years before this marriage. The only other Ann is Robert’s cousin, but I am unsure whether or not this is the same, Ann.

Before looking for Robert’s burial record, I had not found any information on what he did, in terms of occupation. I thought that he was most probably an Agricultural labourer, as this was a very common occupation for a man of this time, and Robert’s son also had this occupation, which meant that most probably carried on from his father. The image below shows the burial record for Robert, which states that he was a Labourer. This proved my theory.

Robert Beacock Burial Record 1817.PNG

After passing away in 1817, Robert was buried in Whitton, Lincolnshire on 3rd March 1817. I am unsure if there is a headstone for the grave of Robert.

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  1. Some great biographies there and clearly some good research methods.. However, I was a little disappointed to see that the link called “FAMILY TREE” isn’t to a family tree in the usual sense. You could very easily use the free site to create pages for each ancestor and even more easily create “tree” and descendant tables linking them visually in the traditional way..

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    1. Tony Beacock says:

      Hello! Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it. I didn’t understand what you meant by the family tree link, as it hasn’t been pointed out to me before. I can see why this can be confused – It is the name of the category that the post falls under, not a link to a visual family tree. If you look on my website again, look at the top where it says “Family Lines” and choose “Beacock”. I have started adding visual family trees to these “Family Lines” pages, for each individual! I have only done those for Beacock up to now! I hope you find it, and I hope that I have answered your query sufficiently. Please let me know if not, or if you spotted anything else. Thank you again!


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