Research: William Beacock

My 7x great grandfather William Beacock was born in 1690 in Winteringham, Lincolnshire to Matthew Beacock and Elizabeth Anne Dovehill. He was baptised on 26th December 1690 in Winteringham, Lincolnshire.

Winteringham General Register 1690 - William Beacock Baptism.PNG

On 11th May 1727, William Beacock married Anne Elizabeth Markham in Winteringham, Lincolnshire. I was only able to find the marriage in the Winteringham General Register. I have included the image below.

qWinteringham General Register 1727 - William Beacock and Anne Markham.PNG

I believe William was some sort of Labourer or Agricultural Labourer as this occupation was very common for men of this time, especially in Lincolnshire.

William and Anne Elizabeth Markham went on to have 4 children. William, John, Matthew and Robert. All of them seem to be named after a relative. William after his father, John after his maternal grandfather John Markham, Matthew after his paternal grandfather Matthew Beacock, and Robert after his maternal great grandfather Robert Markham.

William passed away in 1737 and was buried on 1st October 1737 in Winteringham, Lincolnshire. I have not looked for a headstone for this grave, but I am pretty sure that there isn’t one.

Winteringham General Register 1737 - William Beacock Burial.PNG

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