Research: George House

My 3x great grandfather George House was born in February 1855 in East Boldre, Hampshire. East Boldre was also previously known as Beaulieu Rails when it was only a straggling hamlet. His parents were William and Cecilia House (nee Skews) and he was one of 6 known children; Fanny (1844-1915), Charles (1847-1919), Andrew (1853-1915), George (1855-1923), Edward (1857-1930) and Harry (1859-1941).

I am unable to find a baptism record for George on FindMyPast, FamilySearch and Ancestry, which seems odd – Maybe they haven’t transcribed everything in that area yet.

In 1861 George was just 5 years old. He was living with his parents and siblings in Beaulieu, Hampshire. George was recorded as being a scholar.

In 1871, 15-year-old George had already left school and had started work as a Labourer in the village of Beaulieu Rails where he had lived all of his childhood life.

On 10th August 1878, George House married Annie Eliza Mintram in Fawley, Hampshire. They went on to have 10 known children; George (1879-1950), William (1880-1915), Andrew (1883-?), John (1884-1901), Mark (1885-1970), Alec Edward (1887-1956), Jack (1889-1960), Annie Louisa (1890-1950), Nellie (1892-1949) and Lily May (1894-1940). It appears that the couple later took in (or adopted) a man called Algernon Bundy (1881-1915).

The first photograph below shows George on the right and Annie on the left. The man in the middle is William Mintram, the sister of the Annie. The older man sat at the front left is the father of Annie. He was called Andrew Mintram, my 4x great grandfather. The second photo is of George as an older man.

In 1881, George was living in Fawley with his wife Annie and two children, George and William. He was working as a Sawyer. This would have involved the sawing of timber. George is also recorded as a Sawyer in 1891 but he was living at Fourshells in Fawley.

In 1901 when George was 55, he seems to have changed his occupation to a Builder’s Labourer and is also described as a worker. He and his family were still living in Fourshells, Fawley at this time.

The photograph below shows  Nellie, Mark and Lily on the back row (all children of George’s), George himself sat next to his wife Annie (Lily) Mintram, Raphael Bellini and George Henry Alec House (grandsons of George).

Grt Aunt Nelly. Grt Uncle Mark. Grt Aunt Lily. Grt Grandad George House. Grt Granny Lily House. Raphael. my daddy George Henry House.jpg

In 1911 George seems to have returned to the Wood Sawyer occupation but is described as being a worker on a private estate. The 1911 Census was the first where the head of the house actually writes the details down, so it allows us to see the handwriting of them, including their signature. The image below shows George’s signature.


At the age of about 68, George passed away in Hampshire. He is most probably buried here also, as his wife Annie, passed away in 1918 in the New Forest area of Hampshire. They were most probably buried there together.

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