Research: Mary Ann Capon (nee Marrow)

My 2x great grandmother Mary Ann Marrow was born on 31 October 1875 in Hull, East Yorkshire. She was the youngest of 4 known children; Elizabeth (1867-?), James (1870-1917), George (1872-?) and Mary Ann (1875-1967). Their parents were Joseph and Mary Ann Marrow (nee Green).

In 1881, Mary Ann was 5 years old and was recorded as a scholar. She was living at 35 John’s Place in Hull with her parents and all four of her siblings.

In 1891 Mary Ann was living in Hull with her parents, brother, nephew and two cousins. There was also a lodger living there. Mary Ann worked as a Black Lead Worker. Black Lead (otherwise known as Graphite) was manufactured in Hull at the Reckitt and Sons Factory. Mary Ann most probably worked there.

Mary Ann Marrow married Frederick Capon on 9th February 1895 at St. Paul’s Church in Hull, East Yorkshire. They went on to have 19 known children but a lot of them passed away at a very young age. The children I know are; Ann Elizabeth (1895-?), Benjamin (1896-1985), Henrietta (1900-1901), Hannah (1903-1985), Alice (1905-1980), Minnie (1907-1985), George (1911-?), Gertrude A (1913-?), Elizabeth (?-?), Frederick (1916-?), Dorothy Elsie M (1918-?) and John W (1919-?).

I cannot seem to find the 1901 census for the family anywhere so I will have to include the information from it, in this post if I ever find it in the future.

In 1911, Mary Ann was living with her husband Frederick and 3 of her daughters. It was very upsetting thinking that Mary Ann and Frederick had had so many children pass away. Between getting married and the 1911 census they had already had 13 children born alive, but 8 of them had died. Their address at the time was 7 Kingston Terrace, which was on Cumberland Street in Hull. One of Mary Ann’s daughters Hannah, who married George Tindall, was living at 12 Kingston Terrace with her two sons Thomas and Dennis.

As a family, we believe that the photograph below is of Mary Ann when she was a young woman. My great uncle Raymond pointed out that it was his grandmother. You can see that she has the same shaped face, the same features and the look of a strong lady! The photograph is printed on fairly thin paper, with nothing written on the back of it, but the dates all match up!

In 1914 Mary Ann’s father Joseph passed away in Hull at the age of 72. Mary Ann would have been 38 years old at the time.

On the 1939 Register, Mary was living at the same address of 7 Kingston Terrace with her husband Frederick, daughter Gertrude, son-in-law Charles A Liddell and her granddaughter Mavis. There is also a closed record, however, I am not sure who this is.

In 1954, Mary Ann’s husband Frederick Capon passed away at the age of 82 in Hull. Mary Ann would have been 78 years old at the time and I am certain that this was a hard time for her and the rest of the family. I do not know a lot about Frederick, but I am sure there will be a photograph of him out there somewhere amongst family photographs – I just need to find it!

Mary Ann can be seen in the photograph below, which was taken at the first wedding of my great Auntie Irene. Mary Ann is stood in between Eric Waudby and Auntie Irene. The date of this photograph was 27th September 1958, meaning that Mary Ann would have been 82 years old.img020 (2).jpg

My auntie and also my uncle (two of my father’s siblings), whose great grandmother was Mary Ann, told me that they remember her living with her daughter Gertrude. They refer to her as “Grandma Capon”. My auntie said that she remembers going to her house every day after my uncle was dropped off at school, as my grandmother used to do some errands for her. My auntie recalls her, plaiting Mary Ann’s hair into two long plaits and then wrapping them around her head. She said that she had very long hair.

The photograph below shows a few family members. On the back row from left to right, there is unknown, unknown, Mary Ann’s daughter and my great grandmother Alice Baxter (nee Capon) and my great-grandfather Arthur Baxter. On the front row from left to right are unknown, Mary Ann, and three more of Mary Ann’s daughters Ann Elizabeth Codd (nee Capon), Minnie and Hannah Tindall (nee Capon).25151893_10214088346535132_5953973821949284330_n

My auntie also recalled a story that she was told by her mother, my Nana. When my auntie was very young, Mary Ann would always give my auntie different kind of cheese, particularly blue cheese. My Nana used to tell her grandma that my auntie didn’t like it and that it made her sick, but Mary Ann insisted that it was good for her and still give her it anyway!

Mary Ann can be seen in the photograph below. Notice that she is an elderly woman here, however, she is very tall, even when leant against a window sill. She is stood with her friend Mrs Anderson. My auntie said that she always wore the long black coat that can be seen in the photograph and she would often stand outside her house putting the world to rights!Mary Ann Capon (Marrow)and Mrs Anderson

In 1967 Mary Ann sadly passed away in Hull, at the age of 91. I am unsure of where she was put to rest, and also whether she was buried or cremated. I will hopefully be able to find out soon.

If anyone knows anything about Mary Ann, please let me know, as I would love to know more about my great great grandmother!

Thank you very much for reading,

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