Research: Amy Storey (nee Hunter)

My 2x great Aunt Amy Storey (nee Hunter) was born on 7 November 1907 in Burton Pidsea, East Yorkshire. She was one of 13 children (2 of which died when they were very young). They were Lily (1900-1971), Isabella (1901-1965), Charles Henry (1903-1985), Thomas Wright (1904-1984), William (1906-1982), Amy (1907-1981), George (1908-?), Harold (1910-1930), John (Jack) (1915-1983), Ronald (1922-1978). The 2 children that died when they were young were probably born between Jack and Ronald, as there is a gap of about 7 years between them. Their parents were Henry and Mary Ann Hunter (nee Wright).

The photo below shows the 6 oldest children. Lily is stood at the back left, Isabella at the back right, Charlie is stood on the middle left, I believe William is stood on the right, and Tom on the bottom right. Lily, being the youngest of the family at the time of this photograph is the baby in the middle of the photo. This photo would have most probably been taken in Burton Pidsea.img060-4

In 1911, Amy was living with her mother and 5 of her siblings at 15 Clarance Avenue, Exchange Street, which is in Hull. I am unsure why Henry (Amy’s father) is not present on this census. What makes it even stranger is that there is an empty line above Mary Ann (Amy’s mother), where Henry should be. Mary Ann wrote this census record but did not record herself as “Head”, meaning head of household. This suggests that Henry was living there, but did not make it back (from wherever he was) in time before the census had to be handed in. I am also unsure as to why the family are living in Hull, as I believed that they moved directly to Hedon, from Burton Pidsea. I checked the records of Hedon Road Prison and also the hosptial, but I could not find any clues. Henry’s occupation at the time of this census could have helped solve this mystery, but because there is no sign of him, it makes it even more confusing!

A couple of years after the 1911 Census, the Hunter family moved to Hedon. The photograph below was taken on 19th June 1919 and it shows Class 2B of Hedon School. 11-year-old Amy is sat on the far left of the second row from the bottom. She is wearing what looks like a spotted pinafore and a white ribbon in her hair. Please let me know if there are any faces that you recognise whilst looking at this photograph, as I would love to know who they all are! A few faces seem to have the ‘Hunter’ look for example, which leads me to believe that there are more family members on this photograph.

Hedon School Market Hill 1919. Amy Hunter, first on left of second row up..jpg

The first of the two photographs below shows Amy sat in a photography studio. I believe she will have been about 14 years old here, meaning that it was taken in about 1921. The second photograph shows Amy’s parents and one of her brothers. The two photographs were most probably taken on the same day as each other. They were both taken by T.H.Blackmore, who was a photographer located at 6, Paragon Arcade in Hull.

The photograph below shows Amy again. This photo was taken on 28 Sep 1925 by Jerome’s, who was a photographer located at 16 Whitefriargate in Hull. Amy was 17 at the time of this photograph. It was about 6 weeks later that she turned 18 years old.


In 1932, Amy Hunter married Reginald George Storey in East Yorkshire. I am unfortunately unsure on the exact date and the place in which they married. The couple went on to have a total of 6 known children; Edward Wright (1932-1997), Norman J (1936-2004), Raymond (1938-2009), Douglas, Susan, and Gordon.

Amy and Reginald lived together at a house down George Street in Hedon, East Yorkshire. They then moved to 41 Westland’s Drive, which is also located in Hedon. The photograph below shows the house in 2008, many years after Amy and her family lived there. The family then moved to a house in Camerton, and then eventually to Withernsea.

41 Westlands Drive

The photograph below shows Amy holding her daughter Susan at the seaside town of Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Also on the photograph is Amy’s mother, who is sat to the right of Susan, and Gordon, Amy’s son in the bottom right-hand corner. Amy’s father is also sat behind Susan. I am unsure of who the lady sat to the right of Amy’s mother is, she could possibly be a friend. The photograph was taken on 3rd August, but I am unsure of the year, as it was not written on the back! It would have been taken about 1949.Amy, Susan Storey, possibly Henry Hunter in back, Mary Ann Hunter, __, and Gordon. Taken at Brid 3rd August.jpg

Amy can be seen in the photograph below, with her husband Reg.

Reginald and Amy Storey.jpg

Amy and her family moved to Withernsea. They lived near the Queen’s Street area, but I am unsure of exactly where. My grandmother, recalls visiting her Auntie Amy there one or two times. She remembers the house having a black lead range where Amy would bake bread.

My grandmother told me that Amy would visit her brother Tom, who lived at 20 Baxtergate in Hedon. There, Tom would pay her to clean his house and also to bring pies that she had baked. Amy would also sometimes visit her mother and three brothers at 10 Lambert Park, in Hedon, where she would help clean.

On 6th April 1981, Amy sadly passed away at the age of 73 years old, in Withernsea, East Yorkshire and as a result of Cancer.

I sadly did not get the chance to meet my 2x great Aunt Amy, but all of the stories that I have heard about Amy, suggest to me that she was a very nice woman with a kind heart. They also suggest that she was a strong woman who was very determined.

I would love to learn more about Amy and her side of the family, so please, if you do know anything else about her, I would really appreciate your time. If there are any errors in my writing or information, I would also appreciate it if you would let me know. Please contact me here.

Thank you very much for reading,


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  1. Gordon Storey says:

    Hi Tony, not sure who you are? I’m Gordon, Amy was my mother. Very interesting reading. I could give you some info. it might be best if we can talk to each other when it’s convenient for you. Like the pictures.

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    1. Good morning Gordon! My great grandfather was Bill Hunter, your uncle. My grandmother is Janet, sister of Cec, Harold and George Hunter. More information and/or photographs from you would be absolutely amazing, thank you very much for the offer! I would love to have a chat with you! Looking forward to hearing from you again!


  2. Jonathan storey says:

    Really interesting read thanks

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    1. Tony Beacock says:

      Thank you! Please get in touch and we can discuss her further. I would love to hear what you know!


    2. Paul storey says:

      She was my grandmar

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tony Beacock says:

        Hi Paul, that’s great! Thank you very much for your comment, I’d love to talk to you about what you remember of your grandma! You can message me or send me an email at

        Looking forward to it!

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