Research: Frederick Baxter

My 2x great-uncle Frederick Baxter was born on 12th February 1906 in Hull, East Yorkshire. He was one of 3 brothers: Arthur Alexander (1901-1965), Frederick (1906-1976) and William (1910-2000). Their parents were called Arthur Alexander and Arabella Baxter (nee Bassett).

In 1911 Frederick was living with his parents and two brothers, William and Arthur at 13 Garden Place, Sykes Street in Hull. Fred was just 4 years old.

At the age of 17 and on 26th April 1923, Fred emigrated to Australia. He left England from London and headed for Sydney, Australia on the S.S. “Borda”.

S.S. BORDA.jpg
S.S. Borda

On 4th October 1924, Fred’s father passed away at the age of 51. Fred was 18 years old at the time. This would have been very hard for the family, especially in the era that they lived in.

On 14th July 1926, Frederick Baxter married Mary Margaret Schreiber in Kyogle, New South Wales, Australia. Their marriage certificate can be seen below.

Frederick Baxter and Mary Schreiber Marriage Cert

The couple went on to have 7 known children; Arthur Thomas “Mick” (1927–1975), Marion Mary (1928–1987), Thelma Barbera (1930–1930), Frederick John (1931–2012), Elizabeth June (1933–2007), William Frederick (1935-2005) and Alexander (1936-?). The whole family, except Thelma who died at very young age, can be seen in the photograph below.


In 1936 Fred was living at 10 Rhodes Street in Lismore, New South Wales. He was recorded as being a labourer. In 1937 Fred and Mary were living at 67 Conway Street. He was once again, a labourer.

Fred enlisted in the Australian Army on 5th June 1940 in Paddington, New South Wales, Australia. He was a Private and his number was NX28427. Fred can be seen below in his uniform.

On 9th January 1941, Fred was discharged from the Australian Army. His final posting was 2/17 7 Australian Division. I am unsure of his why Fred was discharged from the army, as it was almost halfway through World War 2!

On 23rd May 1976, Fred passed away in New South Wales, Australia. He was buried in Byron Bay, Byron Shire. His gravestone can be seen below.

Gravestone of Frederick Baxter

Unfortunately, I am unsure on what Fred did between his time in the army and his death. I am trying to get back in contact with one of Fred’s grandsons, as there seems to be a problem with his email address. Hopefully, I will be able to find out more information about Fred and his life. I will then be able to update this page.

Frederick seemed to have had a difficult start in life, along with his two brothers and also his mother. Because his father passed away when Fred was such a young boy, it possibly made him want to get out of Hull and away from his possible problems. I believe taking the opportunity of moving to Australia must have been just common sense for him! Nevertheless, I would have liked to have met Fred because I could have asked him these questions. One thing I do know is that he definitely took after his grandmother, Jane Baxter (nee Scarth), as she had made a big decision to move from the Orkney Islands to Hull, some years before!

If you know anything about Fred and his life, please contact me. I would love to learn more about him!

I apologise for the small post today, it has been a very busy month.

Thank you very much for reading,


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